๐ŸŒŸADAO Introduction

The first dAppstaking-based investment incubation DAO on Astar

About ADAO

A-DAO will be based on dApp staking of Astar Network. Users will get some of the developer rewards while participating and gaining basic rewards. At present, A-DAO divides the developer rewards into: Revenue Reward, On-chain Treasury, Incubation Fund, any rewards of which can be adjusted by DAO governance.

Revenue Reward

60% of developer revenue will be distributed to all users who participate in staking Astar, for A-DAO itself was created to allow everyone to get more income.

On-chain Treasury

30% of the developer revenue will be allocated to the on-chain treasury, which will first be used to invest in ecological projects on Astar, including but not limited to: project investment, liquidity mining, etc.

Incubation Fund

10% of the earliest developer revenue will be allocated to the project side. After the establishment of the DAO committee, any builders who are conducive to ecological development can apply for this fund.

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